Not dead yet

I wrote this after contemplating giving up on songwriting.

Maybe I should just stop singing
Writing songs for me to hear
Maybe I could stop pretending
Maybe if I wait one more year
Maybe I should just admit that
Dreams are meant for when you sleep
Maybe I’m supposed to sit here
In a car glanced up at the rearview mirror of me

Maybe I should stop fooling
myself with lofty goals
Maybe all those thoughts of grandeur
Maybe I’m just self-assured
Maybe I watched too many movies
where the hero saves the day
Maybe I’m not meant for something
considering all I’ve done is nothing
judged by a jury of me

I’m not getting any younger
At least that’s what they say
I’m so lucky to have what I have every day
But this feeling inside me just won’t go away
This hunger that drives me, inspires, and rides me

Maybe I’ll start believing
in the person I’ve always been
Maybe honor those who inspired
Remember green’s the color of spring
Maybe I’ve had a good life, and there’s better days ahead
Maybe I’m getting started
A spring in my step and open hearted
I’ve got a new world state of me

Maybe we’re old
Maybe we’re not done fighting cause we’re not dead yet

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