Since I haven’t started my web project that I dreamed up over fifteen years ago (see The Future of the Creative) I decided to share some songs here through various platforms I have tinkered with when I have the time, which I never do.

Disclaimer: I don’t have any cool recording devices so these are recorded from my phone or if Facebook or YouTube a webcam so they are meant to be rough! Very very rough. 😬

Audio Files

Lady Friends




Not Dead Yet


Smothers with me love


Blossoms in time

This is a song about timing, and sometimes life moves as its own pace.

Wanderlust Life

This is a song I wrote for a friend who introduced me to true adventures.

The Unknown

This is a song about that very exciting and scary part of giving your heart to someone else.

The Cycle

When you walk the road with someone in life you will end up stepping off that road and walking it with another. It is the journey that is important.


I wrote this song after discovering a Tegan and Sara song that I really dug. It is honestly one of my favorite songs I have written and although I am sure the recording could be better, I thought I would share this one with anyone who wants to listen.