Never let you down

Almost fell to my death off an icy cliff, proposed, and wrote this song but not in that order.

We might be living in a world of madness
But I’m feeling fine
(You) might think about the anger and the sadness of a culture online
Change is happenin’ and it starts in our hearts
But you ought to know by now

(It) takes a special kind of person
To see the real me
Been working on myself for so long now
Preparing to be
The kind of love that loves deeper
One that’s care and it’s free
But you ought to know by now

I’m never gonna let you down
Never gonna let you down
No I’m never gonna let you down
Never gonna let you down
I promise to make you happy
Even when the ups are downs
But you ought to know by now

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Not dead yet

I wrote this after contemplating giving up on songwriting.

Maybe I should just stop singing
Writing songs for me to hear
Maybe I could stop pretending
Maybe if I wait one more year
Maybe I should just admit that
Dreams are meant for when you sleep
Maybe I’m supposed to sit here
In a car glanced up at the rearview mirror of me

Maybe I should stop fooling
myself with lofty goals
Maybe all those thoughts of grandeur
Maybe I’m just self-assured
Maybe I watched too many movies
where the hero saves the day
Maybe I’m not meant for something
considering all I’ve done is nothing
judged by a jury of me

I’m not getting any younger
At least that’s what they say
I’m so lucky to have what I have every day
But this feeling inside me just won’t go away
This hunger that drives me, inspires, and rides me

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Solo traveler in Iceland
Life is meant for those that embrace it

Nobody ever picked you first
Nobody asked if it hurt
Nobody questioned when you were gone on holidays

Nobody asked you to the dance
Nobody shared a true romance
Nobody cared when you sat home by yourself

Nobody ever called you up
Made you drink till you threw up
Nobody ever wanted to hook up with you

Now you got your first real job
You wear a suit but you’re a slob
Nobody asks you where you’re from
You can’t sleep so you buy a gun

You thought that life would be more than this
Maybe a house and some kids
Go to the park, maybe the beach
Get some ice cream for the heat

Now you’re old and live alone
You drive a car that you don’t own
Live out your days on TV shows
Fake people faker woes

You’re all alone (2x)

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