Lady Friends


I wrote this for all of the amazing women I have had the privilege to call friends. I also recorded this using my cell phone so I apologize for the rough cut. One of these days I will get to record my songs. For now you get a cell phone version.



My lady friends wear silly colors dance with each other in their own company
My lady friends raise bees for honey some dance for money and they don’t come cheap
My lady friends they’re raising families making their ends meet with smiles on their face
My lady friends are waiting on princes, teaching Spanish to young kids, and serving drinks at the bar

My lady friends are wiser than Gandhi can balance out your chi and teach you to breathe
My lady friends take care of their mothers seek out adventure and live baby bear
My lady friends are proud of their choices although different voices they’re united in name
My lady friends have seen the worst in men have grown from the ashes being reborn in the sky

All my lady friends shining bright as stars
All my lady friends you’re perfect as you are

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