Me being me.

My name is Todd Miller and this is my blog. If you Google me you will find a large number of Todd Miller’s walking around this planet, or at least those that have some type of online persona. So what makes me different? I guess that’s a very difficult question to answer.

People ask me what I do, and I never have a good answer for that question. It isn’t a lack of titles or purpose that perplexes me, as I am at times abundant in both. It is that both professionally and personally the true answer is I like to solve problems and seek adventure, and there are many problems and adventures to go around. I may be managing milSuite, trying to help others through music or writing, or dreaming up products, but as a whole it is a general pursuit to solve problems, truly live life, and change a current state or environment from chaotic to balanced. I also have a propensity to talk a lot and connect with people that I think can make the world a better place, and a desire to do the same. The world is amazing and I take pleasure in not existing, but living in it.

In my professional pursuit I have created products, managed teams and projects, given lectures, written papers, and evangelize technology as a tool to enhance productivity and improve efficiencies. I balance that with music, a love for the creative arts, and a desire to find adventures and make lasting memories through friendships and experiences. Along the way I have sung in operas, snowboarded down mountains with fresh snow at my face, ran through mud with friends, paddle boarded across rivers, skateboarded down hills with arms stretched, driven through storms hand surfing, and stopped into open mics to share my songs with strangers. I’m also a Dad, and that’s the most important thing I could be.

Extra Stuff

I am a certified Project Management Professional with a Military clearance, and a graduate of Syracuse University, where I majored in Economics and Music, and minored in Math. I have been working in the area of knowledge management and information technologies for over fifteen years supporting both private companies and government organizations. If you define a person by their professional life then I work in IT Product Management in the area of enterprise social networks and emerging technologies. If you believe a person is defined by what they think, then maybe this blog will give you some insight into small glimpses of me. If you define someone based on what they do, well then I guess we will see what they write about me in the end.