Working for the DoD is not exactly conducive to sharing a lot about my program, but if it is in the public domain I can share it. So here are some things about the product and the work that I do as a Product Manager:

Shameless self-promotion

PM Network once asked me to talk about managing milSuite, and do my best Lex Luthor impression
Before Symbolic Systems merged with Data Systems Analysts I was asked to talk about how Jive Software was changing DoD collaboration, and apparently whistle the tune from Kill Bill based on my facial expression

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milSuite in the news

This is one of the first articles on the web where I was not just a ghost written quote, but actually quoted as myself when milBook had only 18K users.

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milSuite mentions

There are a lot of mentions of milSuite in the press related to the great work people are doing on the platform. These are some of the earlier articles: