Life is meant for those that embrace it

Nobody ever picked you first
Nobody asked if it hurt
Nobody questioned when you were gone on holidays

Nobody asked you to the dance
Nobody shared a true romance
Nobody cared when you sat home by yourself

Nobody ever called you up
Made you drink till you threw up
Nobody ever wanted to hook up with you

Now you got your first real job
You wear a suit but you’re a slob
Nobody asks you where you’re from
You can’t sleep so you buy a gun

You thought that life would be more than this
Maybe a house and some kids
Go to the park, maybe the beach
Get some ice cream for the heat

Now you’re old and live alone
You drive a car that you don’t own
Live out your days on TV shows
Fake people faker woes

You’re all alone (2x)

Nobody prepared you for the news
Doctor says it’s from the booze
Now you start to make a list
Of all the things in life you missed

You meet someone while doing chores
She likes your smile and isn’t bored
You lay around in bed all day
Takin’ comfort in each other’s ways

You take vacations from your work
Drink fancy drinks wear colored shirts
Walk on the beach hand in hand
Look at the moon and feel the sand

But in the end you can’t out run
The reapers visit had to come
You only wish you had more time
But you can say you’ve had a ride

She sits and holds your hand
She cries deeply, but understands
You always knew you would atone
For all the time you spent alone

You’re all alone (4x)

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