Rediscovering Quotes

I found this old document when organizing my files on my computer so I thought I would share it (this could definitely backfire but oh well). Some of these have stories and some I probably thought were just kind of neat or sounded fancy.

For those wondering, these are ones I wanted to write down, unlike certain people I know who write down things I say that will eventually come back to bite me. Those quotes are for happy hour not Facebook.

Also there are probably quotes similar out there (there has to be), but scouts honor I don’t care nor have I looked any up. I just like the way they sounded at the time while waiting tables at the Tiki Bar a long time ago.

“In life always take the hard road, because at the end you’ll know exactly how far you’ve traveled.”

“You’ll never get lost if you don’t know where you’re headed.”

“When all hope is lost, and all misfortunes have rung true, a birth of consciousness will occur, sending the old into the new.”

“True legacies are determined not by what you do, but who you are.”

“In an everlasting love two instruments of chance unite under heaven’s eternal gaze. Like the harmonious birds of spring they come together in a graceful dance of fate, as was once written, as is expected, when true love has found its pair.”

“To ask the great questions, to conceive the inconceivable, is not only the greatest human act, it is our obligation to God and all the beauty that surrounds our lives.”

Hope some of work them work for you. I had fun reading them and questioning what the hell I was thinking or doing when I decided to pen these “classics.”

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