Never let you down

Almost fell to my death off an icy cliff, proposed, and wrote this song but not in that order.

We might be living in a world of madness
But I’m feeling fine
(You) might think about the anger and the sadness of a culture online
Change is happenin’ and it starts in our hearts
But you ought to know by now

(It) takes a special kind of person
To see the real me
Been working on myself for so long now
Preparing to be
The kind of love that loves deeper
One that’s care and it’s free
But you ought to know by now

I’m never gonna let you down
Never gonna let you down
No I’m never gonna let you down
Never gonna let you down
I promise to make you happy
Even when the ups are downs
But you ought to know by now

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Confessions of an Over Thinker

The Thinker

You think too much. Don’t over think it. You analyze everything.

I can say that I have heard these words and variations of them my entire life. But what does it mean to really be an over thinker and why are people over thinkers?

From as early as I can remember I have been thinking too much about everything. Whether it be a business meeting, a standardized test, or a chance encounter with the opposite sex, my mind has analyzed and reanalyzed every small observation and detail that I was able to ascertain. Not only during such instances, but long after into the night, and the next day. The analysis part isn’t so bad compared to the outcome scenarios and judgement related to over thinking. It is not good enough to analyze every scenario inside and out. You must then judge each of the scenarios and critique every minute detail. Simply explained this generally falls into the category of “You cant judge me as bad as I can judge myself” or “You are your own worst enemy.”

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Rediscovering Quotes


I found this old document when organizing my files on my computer so I thought I would share it (this could definitely backfire but oh well). Some of these have stories and some I probably thought were just kind of neat or sounded fancy.

For those wondering, these are ones I wanted to write down, unlike certain people I know who write down things I say that will eventually come back to bite me. Those quotes are for happy hour not Facebook.

Also there are probably quotes similar out there (there has to be), but scouts honor I don’t care nor have I looked any up. I just like the way they sounded at the time while waiting tables at the Tiki Bar a long time ago.

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Life Quote

I just finished working out and caught myself thinking I should go upstairs and just throw myself down on my couch and watch some TV. At that moment a phrase popped into my head. I realize this sounds stupid and cliche, but literally the phrase just kind of jumped out at me.

I said to myself, or if you want to go deeper, my consciousness said to myself, “Be an active participant of life.”

I kind of smiled and thought, “Hey that’s a pretty good line. I wonder if I stole that from somewhere.”

The phrase actually got to me, since most folks just blow through life existing and not participating. So I decided to look it up on Google (sorry Bing users), and came back with six results. Six results from Google is like (insert witty phrase that means rare, think New Yorkers waving).

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