The Future of the Creative

“Go around the middleman; get your music straight to the people, … You’ve got the Web now. Do it. Don’t even hesitate. Because people want to hear real music, and there’s a lot of talented kids out there, millions of them as far as I’m concerned, and they really have something to say. And they just needed their medium, and now they have it. That’s what I tell them. Go to the Web … but do it.” – Richie Havens

Over ten years ago I had an idea to change the world of the creative. Then life happened, and here I am ten years later still slowly trying to bring my idea to the world. I have made some progress, and through my career in the social web I have learned many things, but in case I get hit by a car I thought I would share some of it.

There are millions of creative people in the world who will never share their creative talent with others due to lack of determination, skills, desire, money, luck and a slew of other reasons specific to each person. These millions of people have millions of creative ideas every day in every genre that never amount to anything due to a lack of education on how to bring that idea to the market. Whether the market exists in the creative arts or business, each idea lost is a loss for the world. Some say if a good idea is out there someone will think of it at some point, but how many years have gone by in that time, or how many people could have benefited from that piece of music or business venture. There is no way to determine the amount of ideas never to reach fruition but the problem itself by definition has an impact on societal advancement, or at minimum on society itself. To solve even a portion of that problem you have the ability to change the path of culture.

My mission is to provide anyone in the world a voice in music, writing, art, or ideas by allowing people across the globe to share and learn from each other through the web. Through sharing and collaboration we will elevate creativity and talent through social review and exposure, and educate others in how to improve their skills.

My vision is to provide services that will allow the creative aspects of people across the globe to grow and be shared regardless of social stature, luck, influence, or geography. To never allow an idea to go to waste due to a lack of knowing how to share it, and to allow anyone to change the world through their creative abilities.

I believe this can be done through the act of doodling.

The definition of the word doodle is to draw aimlessly. I believe we can reinvent this word and expand that concept to include all creative offerings. Doodling is to allow your subconscious to work creatively while focusing on something else. For anyone who creates, there is a central pattern that is consistent in all genres. Creative inspiration can be a force like the wind. A person can be swept up in a gale of ideas and visions that takes them on a journey that is unplanned and almost scarily predefined. But an idea is nothing without a conduit to share it. I believe that doodling is the act of expressing that inner creative force that takes over, and we believe that anyone can possess this force.

The business of the arts and ideas is a business of middle men. In each area of the arts whether music, writing, or a new business venture there is a need in each of these industries to rely heavily on brokers or agents to sell their product or ideas. My goal is to create a site dedicated to allowing artists and thinkers to promote their own product through the power of social networking and community ratings. I believe that the archaic nature of promoting art and people is changing with the Web. No longer should an artist be held back by relying on someone else to promote their work, or a company deciding if a product is hot or not. I say, let the global community decide. If your idea is a good one or you have a good product then I want to let you post it. If the community likes it, the community will promote it. If the doodle meets a level of popularity the site should act as a broker to that artist and promote their product. Whether the user is a new thinker or artist and needs the exposure to eventually team with a company, or a veteran artist who is tired of paying for a service they may not need, the site will have the tools and the exposure to meet both demands.

If you are interested in helping make this a reality feel free to contact me directly. Let’s change the world one doodle at a time.

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