On Potential

Crippling is the fear to know ones true destiny.  Staring into its eyes there is nothing but a blank stare in the other direction.  Are we meant for such knowledge?  There are those that claim they can see into times playbook.  It is impossible to judge such a statement, since I have never met a person that can undoubtedly perform such an act.  However, I believe it is a possible act.  The extent of the human mind is so vast that anything truly is possible.  It is a frustrating debacle being so primitive.  We peer into greatness only to find a genetic error that must be a problem.  To hear a symphony and then play it back like a recording, yet not being able to form simple sentences is not an error or a genetic malfunction.  It is a glimpse into our potential, a mere peek at the capabilities of the human mind.  Have you ever sat daydreaming and a song enters into your head?  The song is played exactly as the true recording had been played previously, even if heard only once before.  Note by note an entire symphony is playing inside your head.  Every clang of the cymbal, beat of the timpani, phrase of the violin, is played beautifully by your vast mind.  Yet, try to hum the symphony as you hear it, or recall every note as your mind has just played it and you will probably fail.  The reason is the human mind is like the fierce wolf who roams the countryside devouring a farmer’s livestock at will.  The wolf will hunt and at times stay still so that you may actually see the wolf, but in a flash it is gone.  The farmer may set up traps to cage the wolf, to trick the wolf into revealing itself, but no cage can hold the beast.  It is not meant to be captured, but to grow and breed traveling from one farm to another.  Learning more and more as it goes, the beast like the human mind will never stop its pursuit of the hunt.  It will grow and grow and to our dismay stay concealed in the wild trapped in our primitive form.  Damn the beast they will say, but it is the beast that keeps us hunting.  As the beast hunts so shall we.  We will hunt until we have met our maker, our seed giver, our God, creator, our reason for living, and when the hunt is over we will begin a new journey in search of more answers.

There is never a finite point of rest in the universe.  We as humans like to create a finite point by creating God, but would we not have many questions for God?  Who made God, where is it from, and are there other beings like our God, or is there only one God, one universe, one afterlife?  These are questions that God would only know, but would it?  Or is there any way to speed up the process?  Stephen Hawking is considered to be one of the brightest men of our century, yet until he was entirely crippled and unable to take part in “normal” habits of life, he was just a bright student at Cambridge, but not a giant of thought.  Could it be that we are so distracted by every day habits and routines that we actually are reversing the evolution of thought?  Einstein’s main gift to this world was not the theory of relativity, but the theory of free ideas and contemplation.  Einstein came up with relativity through extensive creative thought.  A simple gift given to us, yet regretfully taken for granted along with everything else we accept as resolute.  If we do not question and create ideas through our gift we have nothing, and are no different than are primitive origins.  The one gift of God, and we dismiss it as a bothersome obstacle to our routine lives.  The beast then will never be found, for by neglecting it we have in effect killed the very thing that keeps us hunting, and thus keeps us human.


The above was written by me when I was a heads in the cloud 20 year old working as a waiter at the Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ circa 1999. I haven’t changed much at all.

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