Life Beckons

Sophie and Sonic
The first verse is still one of my favorite things I’ve ever written.

Heaven only feels like a dream when you’ve opened your eyes,
and you see all along, all the beauty outside.
Sometimes life passes by and the things that you did,
grow smaller in size, now you’ve lost all your time.
And you’re struggling through, life can be such a drain,
when you stop being new to those closest to you.
And you cease to surprise, building walls to replace,
those things that you had, when you’re young and on pace for a storybook life.
But the stories untold, every day is still new, just different to you.
So I ask that we live like our lives were one day,
and the love that we give isn’t easy to break.

If I could open up my eyes one last time I’d see you.
And if I wished upon a star I’d be wishing for you.
If I could open up my heart one last time I’d love you.
If I lost my mind I’d be lost without you

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