Never let you down

We might be living in a world of madness
But I’m feeling fine
(You) might think about the anger and the sadness of a culture online
Change is happenin’ and it starts in our hearts
But you ought to know by now

(It) takes a special kind of person
To see the real me
Been working on myself for so long now
Preparing to be
The kind of love that loves deeper
One that’s care and it’s free
But you ought to know by now

I’m never gonna let you down
Never gonna let you down
No I’m never gonna let you down
Never gonna let you down
I promise to make you happy
Even when the ups are downs
But you ought to know by now

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Not dead yet

Maybe I should just stop singing
Writing songs for me to hear
Maybe I could stop pretending
Maybe if I wait one more year
Maybe I should just admit that
Dreams are meant for when you sleep
Maybe I’m supposed to sit here
In a car glanced up at the rearview mirror of me

Maybe I should stop fooling
myself with lofty goals
Maybe all those thoughts of grandeur
Maybe I’m just self-assured
Maybe I watched too many movies
where the hero saves the day
Maybe I’m not meant for something
considering all I’ve done is nothing
judged by a jury of me

I’m not getting any younger
At least that’s what they say
I’m so lucky to have what I have every day
But this feeling inside me just won’t go away
This hunger that drives me, inspires, and rides me

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Smothers me with her love

When I wake up in the morning light
Her eyes twinkling and smiling bright
Crouched over me like a cat
Waiting to pounce on me

Morning kisses and morning hugs
There’s no escaping this kind of love
Don’t try to struggle or to wiggle out
She’ll hold tight to you

She’ll keep you prisoner with her laugh
Heart filling up like a warm bath
Eyes may roll and heads may shake
But all these things you’ll appreciate

She’s strong and weak and incomplete
And completely recognizes me
I’m strong and weak and incomplete
And together we’ll find harmony

Privacy’s escaping me
But love will bind our sanity

Cause she smothers me
Smothers me with her love
She smothers me
Smothers me with her love
She smothers me
Smothers me with her love
Yea she smothers me
Smothers me with her love
Yes she does

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Lady Friends


My lady friends wear silly colors
dance with each other in their own company
My lady friends raise bees for honey
some dance for money and they don’t come cheap
My lady friends they’re raising families
making their ends meet with smiles on their face
My lady friends are waiting on princes, teaching Spanish to young kids, and serving drinks at the bar

My lady friends are wiser than Gandhi
can balance out your chi and teach you to breathe
My lady friends take care of their mothers
seek out adventure and live baby bear
My lady friends are proud of their choices although different voices they’re united in name
My lady friends have seen the worst in men
have grown from the ashes being reborn in the sky

All my lady friends shining bright as stars
All my lady friends you’re perfect as you are

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